Bridget Williams Books

Bridget Williams Books Limited is the culmination of many years of publishing by Bridget Williams. This began in the UK with Oxford University Press, continuing in New Zealand from 1976 (also with OUP). Bridget Williams’ first independent company was Port Nicholson Press (in the early 1980s), and she was the managing director of Allen & Unwin New Zealand Limited for six years, before purchasing that company’s New Zealand list to form Bridget Williams Books Limited in 1990. Bridget Williams has also worked with Auckland University Press and (as a consultant) Te Papa Press.

Marked by many awards, this distinguished list of New Zealand books includes groundbreaking reference works – The Oxford History of New Zealand, The Book of New Zealand Women/Ko Kui Ma Te Kaupapa, The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, The Dictionary of New Zealand Sign Language, to be followed in 2013 by Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History.

Scholars with international reputations appear alongside emerging writers and journalists – Atholl Anderson, James Belich, Judith Binney, Giselle Byrnes, Lloyd Geering, Aroha Harris, Jane Kelsey, Colin James, Adrienne Jansen, Trevor Richards, Andrew Sharp, Te Maire Tau, Alan Ward, Marilyn Waring.

Bridget Williams’ long commitment to publishing with and for Māori includes work particularly with Ngāi Tahu and with Ngāi Tῡhoe.  Many with knowledge and expertise in Māori history have lent their strength to this publishing. 

Books on New Zealand history, Māori history, women’s issues and contemporary topics have steadily expanded the boundaries of what New Zealand readers can expect to discover.

2011Charlotte Macdonald, Strong, Beautiful and Modern BWB
2011Judith Binney & Gillian Chaplin, Ngā Mōrehu: The Survivors, 2nd ednBWB
2011Judith Binney, Gillian Chaplin & Craig Wallace, Mihaia, 2nd ednBWB
2011Allan Davidson (ed), A Controversial ChurchmanBWB
2011Vincent O’Sullivan, Long Journey to the Border, 2nd ednBWB
2010Judith Binney, Stories Without EndBWB
2010Jane Kelsey (ed), No Ordinary Deal BWB
2010Geoff Bertram & Simon Terry, The Carbon ChallengeBWB
2010Claudia Orange, The Treaty of Waitangi, 2nd ednBWB
2010James Belich, I Shall Not Die, 2nd ednBWB
2009Jessie Munro (ed), Letters on the Go: The Correspondence of Suzanne AubertBWB
2009Jessie Munro, The Story of Suzanne Aubert, 2nd ednBWB
2009Angela Wanhalla, In/visible SightBWB
2009Joanna Manning (ed), The Cartwright PapersBWB
2009Judith Binney, Encircled Lands:
Te Urewera
, 1820–1921
2008Sue Pullon & Cheryl Benn, The New Zealand Pregnancy Book, 3rd ednBWB
2008Te Maire Tau & Atholl Anderson (eds), Ngāi Tahu: A Migration History With Te Rῡnanga o Ngāi TahuBWB
2007Margaret Tennant, The Fabric of WelfareBWB
2006Lloyd Geering, Wrestling With GodBWB/CPP
2006Paul Monin, Hauraki Contested,
2005Margot Schwass (ed), Last WordsBWB
2004Janine Hayward & Nicola Wheen (eds), The Waitangi TribunalBWB
2004Claudia Orange, An Illustrated History of the Treaty of WaitangiBWB
2004Icons Ngā TaongaFor Te Papa Press
2002Graeme Kennedy (ed), A Concise Dictionary of New Zealand Sign LanguageBWB
2002Leith Oliver & John English, The Small Business Book, 4th ednBWB
2002W. H. Oliver, Looking for the Phoenix BWB
2002Karen Sinclair, Prophetic HistoriesBWB
2001Judith Binney (ed), The Shaping of HistoryBWB
2001Giselle Byrnes, Boundary MarkersBWB
2001Rachel McKee, People of the EyeBWB
2001Andrew Sharp & Paul McHugh (eds), Histories, Power and LossBWB
1999Lauris Edmond, Selected Poems, 1975–2000BWB
1999Jane Kelsey, Reclaiming the FutureBWB
1999Trevor Richards, Dancing on Our BonesBWB
1999Alan Ward, An Unsettled HistoryBWB
1998David Thomson, A World Without WelfareAUP/BWB
1998Anne Smith, Understanding Children’s Development, 4th ednBWB
1998Graeme Kennedy (general editor), A Dictionary of New Zealand Sign LanguageAUP/BWB
1996Jessie Munro, The Story of Suzanne AubertAUP/BWB
1996Frances Porter & Charlotte Macdonald (eds), My Hand Will Write What My Heart DictatesAUP/BWB
1996DNZB, Te KīngitangaAUP/BWB
1995Judith Binney, Redemption SongsAUP/BWB
1995Jane Kelsey, The New Zealand Experiment AUP/BWB
1995Jonathan Boston (ed), The State Under ContractBWB
1995Margaret Wilson & Anna Yeatman (eds), Justice and IdentityBWB
1994Lloyd Geering, Tomorrow’s GodBWB
1994Prue Hyman, Women and EconomicsBWB
1993Lois Daish, Dinner at HomeBWB
1993Alison Gray, Mothers and DaughtersBWB
1993DNZB, The SuffragistsBWB
1993Mira Szaszy & Miria Simpson,
Te Tïmatanga Tātau Tātau
1992Lauris Edmond, The Quick WorldBWB
1992W. J. Gardner, A Pastoral Kingdom DividedBWB
1992Colin James, New TerritoryBWB
1992Diggeress Te Kanawa, Weaving a KākahuBWB
1992Halina Ogonowska Coates, Krystyna’s StoryBWB
1991Lauris Edmond, Bonfires in the RainBWB
1991Anne Else, A Question of AdoptionBWB
1991Margaret Lewis, Ngaio MarshBWB
1991Charlotte Macdonald, Merimeri Penfold & Bridget Williams (eds), The Book of New Zealand Women/Ko Kui Mā Te KaupapaBWB
1991David Thomson, Selfish Generations?BWB
1990Adrienne Jansen, I Have In My Arms Both WaysBWB
1990- 1998W. H. Oliver & Claudia Orange (general editors), The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography & Ngā Tāngata Taumata Rau, Vols.1-4BWB/DNZB (later vols AUP/BWB)
1990Judith Bassett, Judith Binney & Erik Olssen, The People and the Land/Te Tangata me te WhenuaA&U/PNP
1990Marion Bywater & Susan Hely, Women and MoneyA&U/PNP
1990Charlotte Macdonald, A Woman of Good CharacterA&U/PNP
1990John E. Martin, The Forgotten WorkerA&U/PNP
1990Sue Middleton (ed), Women and Education in AotearoaA&U/PNP
1989James Belich, I Shall Not DieA&U/PNP
1989Lauris Edmond, Hot OctoberA&U/PNP
1989Claudia Orange, The Story of a TreatyA&U/PNP
1989Frances Porter, Born to New ZealandA&U/PNP
1989Hazel Riseborough, Days of DarknessA&U/PNP
1989David Robie, Blood on Their BannerA&U/PNP
1989Margaret Wilson, Labour in Government, 1984–87A&U/PNP
1988Ann Beaglehole, A Small Price to PayA&U/PNP
1988Kevin Clements, Back from the BrinkA&U/PNP
1988Lloyd Homer & Les Molloy, The Fold of the LandA&U/PNP
1988Jock Phillips, Nicholas Boyack &
E. P. Malone
(eds), The Great Adventure
1988Marilyn Waring, Counting for NothingA&U/PNP
1987Keith Jackson, The Dilemma of ParliamentA&U/PNP
1987Allan Bollard & Robert Buckle (eds), Economic Liberalisation in New ZealandA&U/PNP
1987Claudia Orange, The Treaty of WaitangiA&U/PNP
1987Shelagh Cox (ed), Public and Private WorldsA&U/PNP
1987Elizabeth Webby & Lydia Wevers (eds), Happy EndingsA&U/PNP
1986B. Brookes, M. Tennant, &
C. Macdonald
(eds), Women in History
1986Margaret Clark (ed), Beyond ExpectationsA&U/PNP
1986Colin James, The Quiet RevolutionA&U/PNP
1986Pauline O’Regan, A Changing OrderA&U/PNP
1985Christine Dann, Up from UnderA&U/PNP
1985Harvey Franklin, Cul de SacA&U/PNP
1985Ans Westra with Katarina Mataira, WhaioraA&U/PNP
1984Marion McLeod & Bill Manhire (eds), Some Other CountryA&U/PNP
1983W. H. Oliver, James K. BaxterPNP
1982Brian Enting & Les Molloy,
The Ancient Islands
1982Vincent O’Sullivan (ed), Katherine Mansfield: The AloePNP
1982Bridget Williams (ed), The Summer BookPNP
1982Ormond Wilson, An Outsider Looks BackPNP
1981W. H. Oliver with B. R. Williams (eds), The Oxford History of New ZealandOUP
1980Charles Brasch, IndirectionsOUP
1980Lauris Edmond, Salt from the NorthOUP
1980W. H. Oliver, Out of SeasonOUP
1980Vincent O’Sullivan, Brother Jonathan, Brother KafkaOUP
1979James K. Baxter, Collected PoemsOUP
1979Maurice Gee, Under the MountainOUP
1979Geoffrey Palmer, Unbridled PowerOUP
1978Lucy Moore & J. B. Irwin, The Oxford Book of New Zealand PlantsOUP